What We Do

The triple bottom line of HSDC as a company is to integrate social, economic, and environmental goals into the business model. Among many services the Company has; one of them on implementation is;

AVO BEVERAGE is a Value Addition Product, processed from Avocado Seeds in form of starch/ powder, healthy and caffeine free product. Packaged in 5 different brands of flavors ; Lemon grass, Mint, Cinnamon, Ginger and Stevia. Stevia is traditionally knows as green sugar, it's enough on its own, no need of adding into your tea or porridge / juice table sugar. (Check for details in the Home Avo-Beverage Slideshow Images).

LIFE SKILLS TRAINING; and the first lot in this program, are the marginalised women.
While having these women group as members of HSDC, the Company at first, used to invite speakers- to motivate these women morally. Later on, it had to think and put in place an income generating activity that would benefit Company, the women, plus other stakeholders and potential partners in the long run. And thus, AVO BEVERAGE was introduced.