Nutri-therapy Kaawa

Nutri-Therapy Kaawa is a registered business name under HSDC that produces and packages  AVO Beverage  This name came about after having confirmed that the raw materials from which AVO beverage is being produced, have nutritional and therapeutic values and thus the name "Nutri-Therapy Kaawa.

HSDC entrusted this production and management to 3 youthful team members, on part time / full time and voluntary basis, being led by a team leader/ managing director and a proprietor for Nutri-Therapy Kaawa , NAMULINDA MOLLY NAMARA.

Nutri- Therapy Kaawa has laid an economic well-being strategy for the marginalised women by developing two AVO Beverage production centres in Fort portal and Kampala, as one way of enhancing quantitative productivity, proving employment opportunities to women and youths and side income to local farmers in those regions. We however plan to extend and expand production centres in future to other areas of the country as market demand for the product increases.

The Nutri-Therapy Team