Social Benefits

AVO beverage's production process is really long. This has enabled group consolidation. While at work, they interact more freely with the leaders and among themselves, individuals develop concern and closeness to each other. This has also created positive attitudes in their mindset, thereby avoiding consequences of idle mind and isolation.

As part of life skills training, by the mere fact that AVO beverage is a healthy product, having these women involved in the production process, skills acquired, enables them in their private time to make this very beverage for their own domestic consumption, and thus enhancing home primary health care solutions and also to have with them cost less beverage from the most available avocado seeds in their homes.

According to fact files gathered from these women, some are faced with severe domestic challenges, others are sick, others didn't go to school, lack profession and skills on hand, living below poverty line due to unavoidable circumstances. Being consolidated as a group into production activities has enhanced social and moral positive impacts in their lives.

In future, it's planned to carry out trainings and awareness campaigns in different regions and local communities far and near, in regard to the health benefits of the product, demonstrate production process from the most available avocado seeds to promote primary health care that is even cost free.