Economic Benefits

Source of income.
Much as the enterprise has got reliable sources of product's raw material suppliers, it offered the first priority to these women to out source these raw materials, deliver them to the production site, weighed and paid.

Flexible salary scheme.
Nutri-Therapy Kaawa uses diverse payment methods for their employees and beneficiaries. It designed two different weekly production calendars that determine the monthly production target as well as monthly sales targets and payments. One for the full time workers and the other for the entire group that meets twice in a month.These women form the key production workforce, a few are on full time and the rest gather twice in a month.

Scaling up production to economically benefit many.
In the near future, we intend to involve other partners Companies directly into other avocado products, village farmers through local community authorities, develop our own plantations for ginger, lemon grass, stevia; thereby employing local people, set up other production centres in villages where avocados are grown mostly through intermediaries. In this we intend to involve youths and women in other local communities- trained into production process and supply of raw materials.